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October 11, 2003


So yeah, I'm being a lazy douchebag kind of. What with having to take school seriously now and the job still lingering like a fart in a hot car, free time has become a rare thing for me lately and to be perfectly honest, I have better things to do with my time. Yeesh- That sounds so harsh... I should say something to lighten the mood.


Ah, that's better. Tension .... relieved. Remember not to relax too much though, because then your tongue slips down the back of your throat and you DIE. I heard that Andre the Giant killed a guy once by making him do that. Was that true or was it an urban legend? Why am I asking the news column? People don't come here for questions! THEY COME HERE FOR LOVE! and maybe a little scrote.

So anyhoo, I don't know exactly when I'm going to restart the updates... but I promise I wont pull a Farber (har, I'm making a reference to the fact that my comic looks a lot like Pentasmal, har)

Okay, so I promised a bunch of people links, but I forget who... you might want to email me if you still want them... here's who's emailed me lately:

The Rabbit by Phiip

It all starts out simple enough: there's a rabbit, a bear and a rock, but before long it's gone all higgledy piggledy bleah!!!!! Also comes in French.

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